Sep. 4th, 2012

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And I'm married now. Yeah. After a series of events that lead to me becoming the Harbringer of the Companions, I decided to tie the knot. Can't drag me back to Black Marsh if I'm already married huh? My new wife is also a werewolf, Asla the Huntress. A sweet gal who's actually set up her own shop. Isn't that neat? Also she teaches me how to shoot a bow every once and a while. Usually between matings. Yes matings. It's even odds what our kids are gonna be. Argonian, Nord, or wolf cub. Lydia keeps threatening to go back to Dragonsreach unless we keep it down. I just ignore her.

Also got a new friend in a former priestess of Azura. I did a turn for Azura in purging her star of some necromancer or something and now I get a Dark Elf spell slinger to haul around. Ain't that neat? Also another dragon attacked me out of nowhere while I was retrieving some books for the mages collage at Winterhold. Starting to think there's some truth behind me being the Dragonborn.

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